Access to Resources

Sober AF Entertainment is a community for fun people looking for a safe environment to enjoy
music and sports. We offer discounted tickets to some of these events. We offer the place for
sober support groups to promote themselves and to add videos and blog. We will add our own
interviews via Facebook live as well as go live on Facebook while at concerts where there are sober  support groups.

Below are some of the ways that we are connecting people to make sobriety fun again and who Sober AF Entertainment Supports. Music, Sports, and Health, Wellness and Exercise are the three main areas that S.AF.E works by promoting sober safe zones. Also for those in College seeking a sober community, check out Collegiate Recovery Community.


Music Festivals

There are over 850 music festivals and over 32 million people are attending US festivals every year - more than the entire population of Texas. There are multiple support groups for certain festivals and multiple support groups for certain bands.


Sporting Events

There are multiple sober tailgaters nationally for college and NFL games. It is a new national movement. Learn more about what Universities and Colleges we are partnering with across the country.

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Health, Wellness and Exercise

There are sober support groups connected by bike rides, free gym workouts, yoga classes and many other activities.