Concert goers and festival attendees alike can find safe spaces to enjoy the music! Check out these various groups, and stay tuned for S.AF.E music festival which will hopefully take place in 2019!



is a group of music fans who choose to remain clean and sober at music festivals. We are not affiliated with AA, NA nor any musical act. We have no opinion on the issue of drugs or alcohol and neither condemn nor condone it. Our simple purpose is to provide support and information to those who seek the comfort and camaraderie of other clean and sober people at festivals. The only requirement is a desire to stay drug and alcohol free at festivals. Though we consist mostly of people in recovery from alcoholism and addiction, Harmonium exists for anyone wishing to stay clean, sober and those seeking serenity and fellowship at festivals.


Interview with Patrick Whelan from Harmonium



The Wharf Rats

The Wharf Rats are a group of concert-goers who have chosen to live drug and alcohol free. Our primary purpose at the shows is to make ourselves available to anyone who feels we may have something they want. We offer support, strength, fellowship and hope. Look for the yellow balloons, signs and the Wharf Rats information table.


We are not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous nor any other twelve-step group. We are a group of friends sharing a common bond, providing support, information and some traction in an otherwise slippery environment.